Shariah-Compliant Financing

Take your business to new heights without compromising your values.With Shariah Capital 60, you can rest assured that your financial transactions strictly adhere to Shariah standards.

Stay true to your values while enjoying seamless financial services.

Efficient payments

Make local and international transfers 24/7 with ease.

Improve your cash flow

Access financing for up to 60 days on corporate cards and Tribal Pay without compromising your capital.

Short-Term financing

Address immediate needs and take advantage of new growth opportunities without worrying about your financial resources.

Robust controls

Visualize your company's expenses by user, reports, and dashboard in real-time.

Unlimited cards

Access unlimited physical and virtual cards in more than 5 different currencies.

Get actionable insights

Make informed decisions with detailed analytics and reports on your spending patterns and trends.

Smart Spending

Efficient solutions for diverse needs.

Empower expansion

With complete expense management, convenient 24/7 access, and unlimited cards in multiple currencies, Shariah Capital 60 is the perfect solution for businesses looking to grow and expand.