The easiest way to manage online ad spend

Never go over budget or wonder how much you’re paying for performance marketing campaigns that charge you on a per-click basis. Now you can keep tabs on all your digital advertising expenses—even when you’ve got multiple campaigns running on different channels.

Tribal Credit Spend Control tools for startups

All your digital campaigns in one place

With Tribal cards and spend management tools, control and track your digital advertising payments all in one place and easily stick to budgets. With up-to-the-minute visibility and advanced reporting tools, you’ll always know what you’re spending by channel.

See what Tribal can do for you:

tribal credit card multi-currency

Easily set budgets

Issue a unique virtual card for every ad channel and give it a spend limit to keep budgets in check, even when your ads are pay-per-click.

Smooth and free overseas payments

Make seamless payments to advertising partners without foreign transaction fees or issues with declined cards.

finance your inventory

Expense classification

Tribal automatically categorizes every expense for you, making it easier to understand how your money is being spent. You can also add custom tags to classify them by campaign.

Multiple currency cards

Paying for ads in another currency? Tribal cards can be issued in multiple currencies, and we don’t mark up the exchange rate.

save and control your company's budget and spending

Simplified real-time spend reports

Generate reports by expense category for visibility of total ad spend, or by merchant to know what you’re spending by ad channel, no matter which team member made the payment.