Tribal Offers Long-Needed Financial Tools to Startup Founders

Written by
Nadine El Shiaty

In emerging markets, entrepreneurs face many financial challenges that hinder their growth, from taking ages to set up a bank account to using their personal low-limit credit cards for business payments.

There are 200 million small businesses and 2 billion individuals in emerging economies who lack access to formal savings and credit. Tribal is here to bridge that gap. Startups need a better way to be underwritten and a better way to be served. They should no longer be held back by lack of access to financial services.

We developed a proprietary AI-driven approval process to underwrite and better serve startups in emerging markets—and we recently introduced that solution to the startup community. Hearing from founders on how Tribal can help them scale inspired us to design financial tools that better serve them.

Hear some of the founders we met at the RiseUp Summit in Egypt, along with Tribal execs Amr Shady and Bill Crawley on how Tribal is bringing founders closer to the financial tools they need to scale.

Our mission is to power startup growth by removing these financial barriers for the next generation of global entrepreneurs, and we can't wait to help them build amazing things all over the world.

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