Talent Attraction Trends for 2022

Written by
Diego Ancira Grover

Nowadays, when we hear about trends, what comes to our mind?

We usually assume trends are the latest fashion collection, the current viral sensation in social media, or even the trendiest restaurant of the moment.

But, since we’re discussing talent attraction, trends are merely inclinations that are being marked depending on the place, time and space.

Therefore, I want to share with you some trends on Talent Acquisition that we are noticing and that will tilt our 2022.

Highlighting this we can focus on the following: Preparation, Culture, and Expectations.


Let's start with knowledge and preparation for our interviews and considerations on the part of both the Talent and the Talent seeker.

  1. Understanding the focus of the company, product or service, will definitely bring more context and information  to the conversation.
  2. Get to know through professional networks the hiring team or parties involved during your selection process.
  3. Know what makes the company attractive to us and what we can bring to the table.


As of today, new work methods are adapted due to COVID-19. Talent may leave their current job if they were offered another position at a company that had an excellent corporate reputation, remote/hybrid environment, as well as a culture where everyone is considered.

Candidate’s inclination when looking for a new employment are toward companies that encourage diversity in the workplace.


One benchmark is from McKinsey emphasizing that culturally diverse companies are 35% more likely to have financial performance above the industry average.

In terms of expectations, based on different sources and experience  interviewing professionals, most candidates and employees say that the reality of their new job differs from the expectations set during the interview processThis will not only create false expectations, but affect performance. Therefore, you should remain vigilant  of the process from start to finish in order to have the situation straight from the beginning.

Now these are just some results of not following the change and evolution that is being marked with these new trends. About the rejection of offers, we can share with you some of the reasons we experience day by day. According to some recruiters and candidates a prolonged hiring process, lack of flexibility and expectations,or limited trajectory lead to a bad experience and therefore to a rejection of the offer.

With 8+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition and HR, Diego has worked with teams in the US, UK, and LatAm at several companies, including Flex, AstraZeneca, and Oportun. He led several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) — volunteer groups organized by teams to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace —for women in tech, pride, and mental health awareness. Diego is a dog lover and rookie triathlete.