Introducing Tribal Multi-currency Cards for Global Founders

Written by
Nadine El Shiaty

Like many founders and business owners in today’s global economy, you might be doing business with foreign merchants and suppliers, and paying for global services and subscriptions. Regularly moving money across borders probably means you’re dealing with multiple currencies, which can be both costly and difficult without the right financial tools.

High currency conversion rates, costly overseas transaction fees, and making digital payments in foreign currencies are challenges you cannot escape when it comes to global services for your business.

Ideal for doing business around the world, Tribal cards can be issued in multiple currencies to help you make smooth international payments with ease, without incurring additional fees. Here's how Tribal multi-currency cards can benefit your startup.

Multi-currency virtual cards

Tribal multi-currency cards enable businesses to transact in several currencies without the need to maintain separate accounts for each currency with costly fees. All you have to do is use the Tribal dashboard to create a virtual card with the currency you'd like to use. If a merchant, for example, accepts US dollars, you can use USD to fulfill the payment. Cards can be used for all your online payments including digital tools, merchants, and subscriptions.

Multi-currency card selection

Multi-currency cards enable smooth international payments by paying in the currency you need instead of paying a fortune on foreign exchange fees.

With Tribal, users can now issue virtual cards in some of the widely used international currencies, including US Dollars, Mexican Pesos, Singapore Dollars, UAE Dirhams, Saudi Riyals and Egyptian Pounds. So no matter where you are based, we help you make smooth local and international transactions with ease.

Local currency for local payments

Tribal enables customers to use their local currency for their local payments. If your company is based in Mexico, for example, you can simply issue a virtual card in Mexican Pesos for your local payments and subscriptions. That way you won’t incur extra fees. Customers can request issuing two currencies at a time; their local one and USD for their international payments. All you need to do is contact to request the currency you would like to use.    

No exchange rate fees

Paying for services in another currency with your cards no longer has to break the bank.

For a limited time, Tribal won't charge the exchange rate fees when fulfilling your international payments with both your physical and virtual cards.

Like the sound of transacting in several currencies without worrying about the straining foreign exchange fees or high currency conversion rates? Join us now and let us help you do business with the world.