4 Ways Tribal Protects Against Credit Card Fraud

Written by
Nadine El Shiaty

Credit card fraud is one of the most common cyber crimes around the globe. Your personal account information is vulnerable to numerous and ever-changing fraudulent activities, from personal information theft and data breach, to account takeovers, merchant fraud and magnetic strip replication.  

Besides helping startup founders with faster and better financial tools that power their growth,  we at Tribal take fraud protection for every issued card very seriously.

To clamp down on customers’ exposure to fraud and secure your cards and accounts against potential hacks, malware or other crimes, Tribal uses a multi-layered approach.

Here’s how Tribal protects your cards against fraud:  

Card Protection Scheme

Tribal’s card issuing partner, Visa® uses advanced fraud prevention methods which analyze transactions in real-time and deliver an overall risk score as part of the transaction authorization request message. Tribal uses that risk score to approve or decline transactions.

The EMV chip that Tribal’s physical cards are built with is more secure than magnetic strips at the back of cards, which can be skimmed and replicated by fraudsters.  

Tribal Card Security against fraud
Tribal Credit Card

Dashboard Prevents Unauthorized Charges

Built with features like instantly freezing cards in one click, spend limits for your physical or virtual cards, and reusable or single-use virtual cards, Tribal’s dashboard enables effective and efficient expense monitoring and helps you keep an eye out for unauthorized charges.

By creating a new virtual card with a unique 16-digit number for every online merchant or subscription, you can protect against data breaches or your card information being leaked.

Activity Monitoring Program (AMP)

An Activity Monitoring Program (AMP) is used to identify unusual, atypical, or suspicious card transactions and flag any fraudulent activities that take place.

Built with advanced tools like spending controls to analyze spending patterns, transaction controls which examine failed authorization attempts, and geography controls which identify card purchases or pre-define high risk countries, Tribal’s AMP provides recommendations on whether to approve or decline transactions. Those controls help Tribal customers mitigate fraudulent activities or irregular transaction attempts on their accounts.

Protection Through Tokenization

Tribal provides card tokenization, the technology through which your card’s sensitive data is replaced with unique identification symbols that convey essential information without compromising its security.  

Tokenization of your card into a digital wallet (like Apple Pay or Google Pay) enables processing secure payments and protects your card details from being exposed.

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If you don’t recognize a transaction on your account, Tribal customers must notify us immediately at support@tribal.credit to prevent further potential fraudulent transactions. As per the terms of the account agreement, customers are reminded of their obligation to establish and maintain controls for their cards to prevent fraudulent activities from occurring.